Can You Just Imagine the Headlines?

The following is a real, live quote from a person running for President of the United States in 2012, at a recent fundraiser:

"Don't compare me with the Almighty; compare me to the alternative."



Really? The "alternative" to the Almighty Himself?

Now, if you haven't seen any front-page stories or headlines about this statement, that should be a clue to the identity of the person who actually said it -- you guessed it:

Barack Obama.

He said it at a recent fundraiser in affluent Woodside, California, for which the minimum entry fee was $35,800. (Scroll down to the very end of the story to get the quote, which is repeated without the slightest sense of sarcasm or irony, or even awareness of the implications, because this is the New York Times, reporting an Obama fundraiser.)

But can you imagine the headlines had Governor Rick Perry, or -- heaven forbid -- if Herman Cain had said something like this at a fundraiser?

"Satanic Candidate Finally Admits His Connection"

"Freudian Slip Tells Us All We Need to Know about Cain"

And so on, and so on . . . but all we get in the official state news organs is silence. (Try Googling the quotation on Google's News site.)

Now let me give you one more recent sample of the mainstream media's double standard. Take a look at this recent quote, and see if you can guess who said it (hint: it's a television newscaster).
"[W]e thought we'd bring you up to date on those protesters, the Occupy Wall Street movement. As of tonight, it has spread to more than 250 American cities, more than a thousand countries, every continent except Antarctica . . ."
Really, again? "More than a thousand countries" on every continent except Antarctica?

The United Nations started out with 51 members in 1945; as of 2011, its membership had grown to 193. Even if you try to count Palestine and Taiwan, you still could not break 200, let alone a thousand.

So who made that fatuous statement on network TV? Was it Sarah Palin on the Fox News Channel, perchance?

Decidedly not. If so, one could just imagine the next day's headlines and TV commentaries:

"In her latest gaffe in front of national news cameras, Governor Palin once again demonstrated her unreadiness to serve in national office, with an appalling lack of knowledge about the number of countries in the world . . ."

Or once more, if it had been Herman Cain?

"Cain Again Demonstrates His Ignorance of Foreign Affairs"

Well, since you didn't see anything like those stories or headlines, just who was it who demonstrated such monumental ignorance in front of the news cameras -- and got away with it?

Are you ready?

Here's the video:

No, there's absolutely no bias in the national news media.

None whatsoever.

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