Some +Maya photos from early spring

It's been too long and you have been waiting patiently for the latest photos of the Right Reverend and Right Honourable Maya Pavlova, Feline Bishop Extraordinaire. Enjoy.

Slightly edited --two photos added-- 15 minutes after initial posting.
As always, click on photos to enlarge and see detail.

In the late winter especially, +Maya was very fond of sleeping on the desk chair in my study.

It was a long, cold winter. Flannel sheets, anyone?

The house is all right, but not half as pretty as our old place, the one on which the tree fell. No more pretty windows with wood trim. Cement walls, windows cut out of the walls with no window sills, a bit of peeling paint, a bit of rust. But it's still cozy: a cat lives here.

The author of the definitive pastoral letter on naps continues to be very good at zonking out.

She's also good at waking up.

She's not bad at balancing on the mantel, either.

And here we have Lady Radar Ears (who made an appearance on Facebook recently).

This is when we were working on a sermon about a passage from the book of Revelation...

She likes to help me write.

+Maya has several sleeping places. This is a perch in the bedroom. The pillow is all hers.

Of course, one has to clean up after naps.

This is +Maya seen from outside through the living room window on a sunny day in early May.

Alert, wise, thoughtful, and lovely. The perfect feline bishop.

She is a good Anglican with an inquiring mind.

These next two photos, taken with my BlackBerry, have already made their appearance on Facebook:

Get me away from the paparazzi!

Yes, Your Grace. For now.

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