Pray for Gaza

Tanks running over civilian corpses, including the body of a dead infant left to decompose for days; children starving next to their dead mothers as soldiers stand nearby; shelling houses full of civilians, shelling UN schools--and largely a show for Israeli and American electoral politics.

Israel is not the only state that takes such savage measures--and it is worth remembering the state of Israel acts with the full support of the freely elected government of the United States, which abstained from a UN resolution calling for a cease-fire, and whose House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution supporting the invasion.

Israel is not at all alone: recall the recent admission that the US slaughtered thousands of South Korean civilians, shoving them into mass graves, during the Korean War--at least 100, 000 between the allies. At least 100,000--in Korea. When do you think we will find out from our government how many civilians the United States and her allies slaughtered in Iraq? It was a deliberate policy of the United States to shoot civilian refugees in Korea-and I expect it is a policy of Israel to do what it is doing now to the civilians of Gaza. That is just how states work.

Where do you think Jesus is in all this? (It is worthwhile remembering that question--inter alia--when the Constantinian settlement is brought up) I have no doubt Jesus is with the children left to starve next to the rotting corpse of their mother.

Imagine, if you can, the moment for those children when the Red Cross workers walked in. And then imagine those children for whom there will be no workers, no help.

Let us consider slipping in a few words of intercession for them.

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